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Rye Brook, NY, United States for For Whiskey Worth Savoring, a Trip to Westchester, New York is in Order

Traveling and authenticity don’t go hand in hand. At least, not always. In fact, being authentic in today’s world is a challenge. To be authentic is to be bold and different. To go against the grain, that’s what we call “normal.” Many of us enjoy traveling to get out of the known and discover the unknown. To explore an unfamiliar place and be delighted with it’s unique and authentic offerings.

How do you know when you stumble upon a person, place, or thing that’s truly authentic? You’ll know.

Meet Your New Favorite Whiskey Distillery NY

That’s exactly how people feel when they taste the whiskey, rye, and bourbon from StilltheOne Distillery Two, the very first distillery in Westchester County, New York since prohibition. Not only is it the first in the area, but StilltheOne Distillery Two is the world’s first distillery to make gin from honey. But more on that later.

One sip and you know this is an authentic distillery. This is a place where creative masters turn ingredients into art.

What makes the liquor from StilltheOne Distillery Two so pleasing?

For starters, it’s the vision behind the entire company. To get a better sense of the genius and thought-process behindStilltheOne Distillery Two, we interviewed the head honcho himself, Albert Savarese.

Albert’s mission is simple – to make the best spirits. All he wants is to create spirits that provide enjoyment + happiness.

“I always search for something that’s crafty and unique, any business I’ve ever worked at or owned, I want it to be original, and StilltheOne Distillery Two is exactly that.”

Albert, what do you hope people feel when they taste your liquors?

“The experience of tasting something that’s created by hand from scratch, 100% made in New York state. Also, the incredible experience of being able to drink it on its own without any kind of mixer.”

In your opinion, what makes your liquors stand out? What makes StilltheOne Distillery Two different from other distilleries?

“Well, we were the first to ever make vodka from orange blossom honey, which we first released in 2010. At the time, no one was doing a honey-to-mead-to-vodka product. The honey flavor is phenomenal, you can drink it just on ice.”

“We stand out because we strive to do things differently, to be unique. Our efforts have seen some pretty neat validation from being featured in Oprah’s ‘O’ Magazine to getting a call from Absolute Vodka to assist on a project in NYC making a vodka from organic honey. Absolute asked our team to help them develop a product, which we did, and is now called Made Real Vodka. It’s pretty sweet to be called by one of the top five vodka companies in the world, really speaks to the kind of product we’re making.”

Do you have a favorite of your own liquors?

“My personal favorite is our young-aged bourbon. Originally, I didn’t want to release it until three years, but the taste of it was so phenomenal we decided to release it early. So it’s been aged two years instead of three.”

Where can people taste your spirits?

“The Whiskey Shack! I built it myself out of old reclaimed barn wood. The Whiskey Shack is our on-site tasting bar at the distillery, which is open Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturday right now, appointment only.”

“StilltheOne products are sold in New York State, New Jersey, Connecticut, Washington D.C., Maryland, Delaware, Florida, and Arizona. You will find the spirits sold in bars, restaurants, liquor stores, and wine shops. If you’re headed out to the Westchester area, you can pop into Doral Arrowwood and taste at the bar there.”

Are there any plans to open more distilleries?

“We’re looking at a second satellite location in the town of Peekskill, New York, which will open in the Spring of 2018.”

StilltheOne Distillery Two Awards

Since Still The 1’s opening in 2008, the distillery has had no shortage of awards.

International Review of Spirits — Gold Medal (COMB Vodka) — 2010, 2011
International Review of Spirits — Gold Medal (COMB 9 Gin) — 2011
New York International Spirits Competition — Silver Medal COMB Vodka — 2010
New York International Spirits Competition — Bronze Medal COMB 9 Gin — 2010
San Francisco Intl. Spirits Competition — Silver Medal COMB Vodka – 2011
Wine Enthusiast — 92 Points
Types of Spirits Crafted at StilltheOne Distillery Two

Now you may be wondering exactly what StilltheOne Distillery Two makes, and without further ado, here’s a full list of STO spirits:

STO Comb Vodka
STO Comb Gin
287 Single Malt Whiskey
No.3 Wheat Whiskey
No. 4 Rye Whiskey
914 Bourbon Whiskey
STO Jarhead Gin
Interested in Tasting For Yourself?

Another great place to taste some of STO’s spirits is at the nearby Doral Arrowwood. Doral Arrowwood is a beautiful, expansive hotel which features an array of dining, drinking, and entertainment options. STO’s products are featured in The Pub.

If you’re planning on taking a trip to Westchester to enjoy its scenic landscape, tour the STO distillery, or for any other reason, a stay at Doral Arrowwood will ensure your trip is relaxing, comfortable, and fun!

Above all else, StilltheOne Distillery Two is a chance to taste a spirit that is truly authentic and unique, just the way Albert Savarese believes any good product should be.

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