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Rye Brook, NY, United States for Looking For a Little Summertime Family Bonding? Look no Further Than The Golf Course!

Finding quality time to bond with your children isn’t always easy during the school year. Between after school activities, weekend birthday parties and sleepovers, and the quick pace of the school year, time simply flies.

Come summer break, though, and the opportunities for quality family time have arrived abundantly! With an excess of time on your hands to hang out with your kiddos, what activities do you have in mind?


8 Reasons to Seek a Family Golf Course for Family Bonding

How about a round of golf? Aside from mini-golf, golf generally doesn’t come to mind when considering ways to bond with the family, yet it’s the perfect activity to do so, and here’s why:

family golf course1. Slow Pace = Plenty of Time to Connect

Rather than running around after a ball or trying to yell into the wind as you speed along on bicycles, golfing has a slow, calm pace ideal for connecting. The same reason businessmen choose to talk business on the course is the same reason we think parents (or grandparents!) will enjoy showing their kids the proverbial golf ropes.

2. Stroll and Chat

Plenty of sunshine and warm weather makes strolling around the course a dream. As you make your way from hole to hole, you can take the time to chat with your kid(s). Ask them about their dreams, hopes, fears, worries, or anything at all.

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3. Mix in Adventure With The Golf Cart

Especially for kids much too young to drive a car, spending time together in the golf cart will be extremely exciting! Driving a golf cart is, relatively, safe, and you can show your kids the basics of driving.

4. Minimal Chance of Injury

How many sports can boast as low of a chance of injury as golf? Not many! Rather than worrying about safety or injury prevention, you can spend more time having fun and bonding!

5. All the Nature, None of The Tech

family golf courseGolfing is all about being out on the beautiful course and has nothing to do with technology. To fully enjoy the experience you might suggest that everyone leaves their phones inside. Now you can have a previous few hours together sans any social media, texting, etc.

6. Use Golf Time to Teach Important Life Lessons

Being a parent is no walk in the park and finding time to share important life lessons in a casual, positive environment can be challenging. The golf course provides an ideal venue for life lesson sharing! In one’s golf game there are many highs and plenty of lows – a reflection of life itself. You can mentor your child and teach him or her how to cope with those high and lows on the course, which may just help them cope with them throughout their lives.

7. Playful Competition

Today’s kids are being raised in an “everyone’s a winner” environment which is not reality. Playing golf as a family offers the opportunity to incorporate playful competition, a chance to show that people win, lose, and draw even, and, once again, that’s all a part of life. Getting used to winning and losing in a supportive, family bonding atmosphere may prove to be a healthy way for kids to learn and accept.

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family golf course8. Lastly, But Not Least, Its FUN!

Above all else, choose to play golf as a family because it’s fun! Bonding will happen naturally as you laugh, learn, and make memories together!

With three months of summer break ahead, there’s ample time to plan your golf getaway! Most likely you have a course near home, but it might also be fun to plan a getaway someplace featuring a family golf course. Most golf courses are family-friendly, but some courses go above and beyond to welcome and support family golf.

At Doral, Kid’s Play Free! All kids 16 years of age and under play FREE when and accompanied adult pays a greens fee. Ask about our Kid’s Play Free program when you book your reservation.

The course at Doral Arrowwood Resort in Westchester, New York is the ideal family golf course! Featuring nine expertly designed holes by Robert von Hagge, the course is critically acclaimed. 

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