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Rye Brook, NY, United States for Natural Beauty, Historic Relevance, and an Abundance of Libations Combine to Make a Hudson Valley Vacation Epic This Summer

Now that it’s April, the time is ripe to start brainstorming for the summer travel season! Whether you have kids out of school or are wishing for a getaway for you and your significant other, it’s always beneficial to plan ahead of time.

Summer is the busiest travel season for most of the U.S. because it’s such a lovely time of year to get out and explore. Yet, if you want to ensure the top choices of accommodations, attraction tickets, flights, and more will be available to you, get started ASAP!

Where do you want to go? Naturally, the first step in planning a vacation is choosing the desired destination! If you’ve yet to decide the answer to that question, let us help narrow down your options with a suggestion destinations.

History, natural beauty, culture, and burgeoning farm to table cuisine scene, this is an area with an abundance to offer summer vacationers.

Any guesses?!

We’re talking about the Hudson Valley! Extending 150 miles above the tip of Manhattan, the Hudson Valley is a designated National Heritage Area. New York City has much to offer, but if you’re in the mood for leafy drives, historical charm, and a constant supply of fresh produce, the Hudson Valley may be the ideal summer getaway for you.

Planning Your Hudson Valley Vacation

When it comes to planning a Hudson Valley vacation, there’s much to consider! What to do + see, where to stay, resources for planning, etc. To help get you started, we can answer quite a few of those questions.

Highlights of The Hudson Valley

As mentioned, the Hudson Valley is primarily known for three things:

History + Culture
Natural Landscapes
Food + Wine
Discover Westchester In The Spring And Enjoy Doral’s 114 Acres Of Unforgettable!

Historical and Cultural Attractions in The Hudson Valley

Being one of our nation’s oldest regions, the Hudson Valley has been home to an incredible array of historical figures. It’s also been the setting for a variety of historical events over the past few centuries. Presidents, actors, writers and world leaders have all resided in the Hudson Valley. With so many historical sites to choose from, let us help you narrow it down with a few gems:

Martin Van Buren National Historic Site – Learn all about the life of the eighth President as you visit his home and farm.
Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Home Library and Museum – Keeping up with the Presidential trend, you can also check out where our 32nd President lived.
Washington’s Headquarters State Historic Site – Literally the first public historic site in the nation, here you can see where General George Washington spent most of his time during the Revolutionary War.
Lyndhurst – A gorgeous, gothic revival mansion.
Kykuit – The iconic Rockefeller estate.

Interacting With The Great Outdoors in The Hudson Valley

Between the Hudson River itself, cliffs, the beginnings of the Appalachians, rolling hills, lush forests, and more, the natural landscape of the Hudson Valley is breathtaking. There are numerous ways to interact with mother nature, here are a few of our favorites during the summer months:

Hiking the Various Rail Trails
Stand up Paddle Boarding on the Hudson River
Walkway Over The Hudson – 212 feet above water and 1.28 miles long, the Walkway is the longest pedestrian bridge in the world! Walk, bike, or hike your way across it and enjoy sweeping views.
Hudson River Cruises – Enjoy the beautiful landscape as you sail down the Hudson River.
Water Parks – Not exactly Mother Nature’s doing per se, but still a fun way to spend a day or two of summer vacation regardless! Especially fun if you’re traveling with the kiddos!
Catamount Adventure Park – Take your adventure to the tree tops! This aerial adventure park will leave you with an adrenaline rush!

How and Where to Satisfy Your Taste Buds in The Hudson Valley

Unbeknownst to many, the Hudson Valley was the U.S.’s first wine producing region! With over 100 wine and craft beverage producers in the region, there are plenty of places to visit and taste! To get you started, check out these five. Aside from wine, the region is also acclaimed for it’s abundance of farm to table eateries, made possible due to the rich soil in the area. Craft beer is also popular and you’ll have no issues finding breweries to visit. Here are a few of our favorite food and drink related activities:

Berry Picking – A super fun activity, but it only applies in late May and early June!
Beer, beer, beer – The Hudson Valley boasts an extensive array of breweries, we recommend visiting at least two! This Hudson Valley brewery was recently ranked as one of the best in the world!
Farm-to-Table Dining – Due to its rich farm soil, farms are abundant in the Hudson Valley! Not only can you visit and tour farms across the region, but farm-to-table restaurants dot the region and are mouth-wateringly delicious!

Useful Resources to Use While Planning

Hopefully, our breakdown of what to do on your Hudson Valley vacation get’s the planning process started, but it’s likely you’ll want to do even more research along the way. These are a few of our go-to resources for all things Hudson Valley:

Travel Hudson Valley
Hudson Valley Magazine
Historic Hudson Valley
I Love New York
Where to Stay

Without a doubt, one of the most elegant and peaceful hotels in the region is Doral Arrowwood. Nestled in the quaint county of Westchester, Doral Arrowwood features 114 acres of sprawling Hudson Valley land. More than just a hotel, Doral Arrowwood is a retreat featuring restful lodging, delicious dining, and an array of resort activities. The ideal retreat for any type of group – families, couples, friends, etc. Make your summer reservations ASAP!

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