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Rye Brook, NY, United States for Strapped For Time? Good Thing The Nine-Hole Round Has Come to The Rescue

When was the last time you had a free four to five hours to do with what you please? For many of us, that sort of free time is few and far between. Between work, family engagements, time with the kids, etc. etc., there isn’t always time to hit the golf course with the crew and make our way through 18 holes, which often translates to about four and a half hours.

So if you love golf but you don’t have an abundance of free time, what can you do?

Opt for the nine-hole round instead! The nine-hole round is becoming more and more commonplace and for understandable reasons. Too many golfers have been walking away from the sport because they lack the time.

Great news! You can be busy, and still play golf, thanks to the succinct nine-hole round. Yes, we know it’s not the traditional golf experience, but hey – times change, and golf must adapt with them!

Here are seven reasons why it’s cool to play nine.

Why It’s Time to Embrace the Short Golf Round

It’s an excellent way to start the day

Wake up and smell the fresh cut greens. Early risers can make the first footprints on a dewy fairway. You can get a round in and still make it to work or school on time. Starting out the day doing something you love will set the tone for a successful rest of the day!

It’s a great way to end the day with others

Not an early riser? Not to worry, golfing at dusk is an epic way to end the day. Grab friends and co-workers for a post-work round to shake off the stress, celebrate life, or just because.

Because it’s what you have time for

Do you skip the gym if you only have 45 minutes? Do you quit eating when you only have 15 minutes? No way! Would you rather play nine-holes frequently, or wait until the sun, moon, and stars align to play 18? Keep your game fresh by playing nine.

It’s a wonderful way to learn the game

A study shows 86 percent of beginners start with nine-hole rounds. You can more comfortably develop your game and learn rules and etiquette without the time commitment of 18 holes. It can also be more relaxing to play nine, as you won’t feel rushed to make through the holes, rather you’ll be able to take a leisurely pace.

It’s the best way to support someone who is learning how to play

You may already love the game, but 18 holes can be daunting for someone brand new to the sport. A study by Sports & Leisure Research Group revealed that 60 percent of golfers believe a nine-hole round is an outstanding way to introduce a non-golfer to the game. Give back to the game and get a friend or family member hooked.

Go For Longevity

Golf is a game for a lifetime. When people retire, their golf game just gets that much better! Playing nine holes is the perfect way to keep players of all ages and abilities engaged in friendly competition, all life long. No burnout needed!

Your nine-hole round is legit!

The USGA’s Golf Handicap Information Network® (GHIN) showed a 13 percent year-over-year increase in nine-hole scores posted in the two months following the program’s launch last July. You can post a nine-hole score to maintain your Handicap Index.

“We’ve gotten many people re-thinking about coming out to play a nine-hole round of golf, which takes only two hours to play,” said Ralph Garofano, Doral Arrowwood P.G.A. Director of Golf. “It’s a good way to target lapsed golfers and new golfers. The 18-hole round has its place, but over the past 5 years here at Doral we have attracted many new players to the game with the offer of a quick nine holes.”

Ok, so now it’s about time for a round of nine, yes? Let’s head to Doral Arrowwood and check out the nine-hole course! Doral Arrowwood was made for golf, and the signature Doral Arrowwood golf course presents the renowned Robert von Hagge’s trademark mounds, shadows, bunkers, and water hazards. The 3,200-yard, par 35 course presents a challenge to every level of play from beginner to professional.

Have you done this? What can you add to this jrrny?

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