Saint Paul street, Old Montreal for The Paris of Canada

Although Montreal is often called The Paris of Canada I still think that the city has its own unique charm. The architecture is very interesting as the old buildings bring a flavour to the area. The lovely cobbled streets are also a big part of the quaintness of the neighbourhood. St.Paul street is the oldest one in Montreal – about 2 km long and half an hour walk. Built around 1670, it is home to Bonsecours Market and Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours Chapel.
During my stay in Montreal,I had the chance to stay in a hotel on St.Paul street and loved the whole experience there. This was the most picturesque and quaint part of Old Montreal and apart from that, it was very convenient to other sights including Notre Dame Basilica. There were a wide range of dinning choices and bars. Many of the restaurants of the old part of the town are here so it is quite easy to grab a pastry or some coffee in the morning or drink a glass of wine with a friend in the evening. This street is full of life and I personally enjoyed walking through. Though cars are about, drivers are courteous and stop for pedestrians which sometimes can be very irritating as the street get busy on the afternoons.
What I liked about St.Paul street also was the variety of shops and a diversity of people of all ages. The area is clean, the food very good, service was always prompt and friendly. However,restaurants open up in the evening, but during the day there was a lack of coffee shops or cafes, no bakeries, and the narrow street makes it a little glum. But do not miss to visit Modavie – a whimsical jazz bistro on St-Paul street. It hosts live musical acts, 7 nights a week. I went there with some friends and what we were surprised by was the welcoming staff and fair prices.At Modavie a person can enjoy decadent items such as duck, specialty poutine, and warm goat cheese.
If you want to spend some money or truly appriciate art you have to visit one of the many galleries on Saint Paul Street. I did not have the time and the money to look around all of the amazing places but my personal suggestion is to go and visit Elca London Gallery. It was founded in 1960 with the goal of promoting excellence in contemporary Canadian art . Today, the gallery specialises in only the highest quality works of Inuit art by internationally renowned artists as well as some of the more talented younger artists. 
So if you like to taste Paris in the heart of Montreal, do not miss St.Paul street.

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Saint Paul Street

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