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CAW is a beautifully built modern patisserie. It’s a pretty popular social media commodity, so I had seen their work here and there. Ending up in their neck of the woods, I knew I needed to drop in for a bite.

They have two permanent locations in San Francisco, and they set up shop at the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market every Saturday. I visited the Valencia Street location. I was immediately struck by the unassuming entrance. The building is large and made of brick, and the sign for CAW is a black block sitting vertically beside the door, with the name in white letters. The place isn’t huge, but it isn’t small, and it is beautiful. Super-modern slate and steel mingles comfortably with brick and wood. The pastry case in and of itself is a simple architectural masterpiece.

And I suppose I should say a word or two about the food: de-licious. I stopped in for brunch and skipped the Instagram-iconic ‘Rebel Within,’ opting instead for some of their ‘damn fine’ granola, which is topped with fresh fruit and Straus (organic!) plain yogurt. I also ordered a Happy Moose orange juice because – come on – someone called their juice company Happy Moose. Peering into the case, I also ended up swiping some Japanese milk bread as a snack for later. Come late afternoon, I was very pleased with my decision.

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