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San Francisco, CA, United States for Don’t Freak Out, You Can Still Get Your Workout On in San Francisco

In our fitness-forward society, it’s crucial to have access to one’s workout at all times and in all places. Oh yes, it’s that dramatic? Welllll maybe it’s not that dramatic, but we are aware that many people take their workouts very seriously, and we’re here to help keep that mojo going. Keeping up with a regular fitness routine is extremely important, and nothing should get in the way of it – especially not travel!

The reality is, travel often does get in the way of a fitness routine, especially depending on where you’re traveling to. For example, spending 14 plus hours on a plane to get somewhere exotic isn’t ideal for the fitness routine. But it’s very ideal for personal vacation goals.

Here is the point – there are plenty of destinations where one’s fitness routine need not be interrupted, or where it may even be enhanced if we daresay.

Though we may not be able to tell you the fitness status of every city in the world, we can tell you that San Francisco is the ultimate fit city, and there’s no better place to continue your routine, or add a little flair to it.

Seriously, there are more marathons, triathlons and yoga studios in San Francisco than potentially anywhere else in the world. Not to mention plenty of super rad nature-related activities as well.

If it just so happens that you’ll soon be visiting our pretty city, or perhaps this blog inspires you to visit, here are our top fitness choices, all of which are based on either fun, prestige, or general quirkiness!

How To Stay Fit in San Francisco

When You Just Need That Jogging Fix

how to stay fit in san francisco – runningThough we may not fully understand the appeal of running, especially in a city as hilly as San Francisco, there are plenty of people out there doing it every day! Chances are you enjoy to run, and because we like to be helpful, here are some killer trailers. Killer as in really awesome, and some are killer challenging as well.

Golden Gate Park
Bay Bridge Trail
Golden Gate Promenade

There are plenty more where those came from, and there are even running groups/clubs you can join. For more deets on the trails, visit here.

Downward Dog Outdoors

Yoga has become more widespread than ever before, and chances are more than one of you reading this practice yoga regularly or semi-regularly. Even if you don’t currently practice yoga, San Francisco is a great place to start!

With beautiful parks and gorgeous views all over the city, catching an outside yoga class is the way to go! Fort Mason, Crissy Field, Marina Green and so many other places! For specific details on the when and where, visit here.

Party on a Bike

Once a month the San Francisco Bike Party does just that – goes for a bike ride and parties along the way. This is a seriously quirky but cool event, and we would even go so far as to say plan a trip when this is happening. Basically any rider, any age, and any skill level is welcome. The SFBP encourages people to bring positivity, all rides are fun, safe and have stops to dance and socialize along the way. Every ride follows a planned route, each of which explores different parts of the city each month. For more info on the next event, visit here.

Crossfit For Life

Because… CrossFit. We wouldn’t dare dream that anyone would miss a day of CrossFit. Although if you do CrossFit you’ve probably already researched every CrossFit gym in the city. But in case you haven’t gotten that far yet, here are a few to check out:

San Francisco CrossFit
CrossFit Potrero Hill
Max Fitness CrossFit
Telegraph CrossFit
Last But Not Least – the Gym.

We get it, sometimes you just want to be in a controlled environment with plenty of barbells, ellipticals, weights and stationary machines. Oh and a plethora of fine looking humans. There are plenty of gyms to go around, here are a few to consider:

Body Rok Gym
Hit Fit SF
Third Street Gym
Polk St. Gym
Perform For Life

Now, there are no more excuses for skipping on the personal fitness regimen while in San Francisco. Naturally, if your trip to San Francisco is more about indulging and enjoying the plentiful libations, all we have to say is go team! Truly though, whatever your San Francisco fitness goals (or lack thereof) are, we highly recommend staying at the ultra-hip Hotel Zelos San Francisco.

So we might be a teeny bit biased, but take one look at our superb hotel and you won’t need much more convincing than that! Plus, Hotel Zelos is literally steps away from Union Square and SoMa (South of Market), meaning you’ll be in the center of all the fun. And fitness.

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