San Francisco’s China and Japantown for a hidden cultural niche

Whenever I go down to San Francisco, I always set aside time to go to Chinatown and Japan town. These two cultural adventures will make you feel as if you are walking the streets of the countries themselves.
Chinatown is a much larger district that prides itself on its restaurants, events and cultural heritage. Many of the buildings you will encounter are built similarly to china’s infrastructure and is beautiful to behold. There are more than enough shops to keep me entertained for hours here filled with little curios, clothing and accessories. I will usually end my day touring one of the few Chinese temples and churches open to the public, giving me a cultural experience I won’t soon forget.
Although smaller than its cousin, Japantown still has much to keep me occupied from dusk till dawn. Being mostly a mall surrounded by a handful of shops, Japantown packs in all that it has available to offer. From photo booths to Japanese style crepes and candies and even dance halls I am entertained and delighted well into the evening. I tend to spend most of my money here on not just the shopping, but also the different and yummy Japanese cuisine.
If you are already in San Francisco, stopping into China and Japan town is definitely a must. These exotic delights are sure to amaze all your senses and please your palate while leaving behind memories that will last for a lifetime.

Insider Tip

Try Japanese cuisine with its various dishes.

Where I stayed / started

Chinatown, San Franciscko

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