San Juan Islands, WA for Flying, Hiking, & Swimming

There are quite a few things in my life that make me feel very fortunate. One of the best among them is the fact that I know someone – a high school buddy named Tim – with a small plane parked at a tiny airport about 30 miles north of Seattle. One day last summer, Tim was kind enough to fly my wife and I over to the San Juans for a day of hiking and picnicking and – spontaneously – swimming.

We got to the airport around 10 a.m. and got up in the air shortly thereafter. Needless to say, the view from above was insane. Tim – although he’d seen this stuff a million times – appeased us by flying a few circles so we’d be sure to see everything. We eventually landed over on one of the islands. We took a shuttle to a hiking spot that my friend had visited before. Regrettably, I can’t remember the name! It was a pretty chill hike, though. We stopped midway to snack on the nuts and cheese and beers we brought along, when we discovered a great little swimming hole below a little cliff. Lucky for us, our friend had told us to bring towels and swim suits, just in case (it was summer, after all). We spent so long in the water, we didn’t even finish the hike before we were tired enough to want to head home.

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