Santa Barbara, CA, United States for Where time travelling is possible

Holidays are part of who we are. After the hustle and bustle at the work place or a semester of hard studying, it is only fair that we take a break and enjoy some of the beauty and elegance that nature has to offer. California is blessed with such destinations that locals and even visitors are encouraged to tour once in a while.
The Cold Spring Tavern, Santa Barbara County is located a couple of miles from Santa Barbara. It took me just a 15 -20 minutes drive from the city. The Cold Spring Tavern provides the perfect getaway from the noise and congestion at the city. Its mountainous ranges give an opportunity to engage with nature through rock and hill climbing. Its prices are relatively low and visitors get to enjoy roast game meat. This is the only place in California, where time travel is possible. As if I went back some 130 years to a different and very romantic period of the history of California. The Cold Spring Tavern is not just a tavern where you go, sit, eat and leave. It is one of these hidden gems that you do not know that exist but still so worth it. The atmosphere is relaxing and although the place would look quite rural to some of the visitors, it is still charming and romantic especially with the old wooden floors, dim lights on the tables and the rustic setting all over. The food is absolutely delicious and the prices are more than reasonable. A wide selection of meat, hamburgers and salads is available on the menu. If you are lucky enough, just like I was, you can enjoy a BBQ out in the Cold Spring Tavern on a sunny day. I guarantee you that the smell is mouth-watering. I could not miss Bar-b-q Baby Back Pork Ribs with chef’s western style bar-b-cue sauce. The meal was exceptional and cost only 23$. Worth the ride to eat here!

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Lunch reservations are recommended only for groups of six or more.However, dinner reservations are always recommended.

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Cold Springs Tavern

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