Santa Monica, CA for Jumbo Shrimp & Chips at Seasalt Fish Grill

I know…mind blowing…seafood and chips, on the Santa Monica Pier!

Yeah, so it’s not a super uncommon thing to see, but this place is really exceptional. I had been shopping with some friends over at the Third Street Promenade for most of the day when our stomachs started grumbling. It was a really bright summer day – really beautiful – but also pretty hot for just wandering around in. We wanted to find somewhere that would be open and bright, but would give us a break from the heat. We ran onto Seasalt and were all immediately on board.

Their menu is actually really quite extensive, but we weren’t looking for anything fancy. So I ordered the jumbo shrimp and chips. Friends ordered some other sort of standard beachside fare, and we got some ceviche (AMAZING) to share. Everything was great. The service was awesome, and the food was delicious. Maybe it was because of how hungry I was, but I swear those were the best shrimp and chips I’ve ever had. Definitely will be back.

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Seasalt Fish Grill

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