Santiago, Chile for Horseback Riding in the Andes

My trip to Santiago was really unique, for a lot of reasons. I had racked up a lot of vacation time with my day job, and was itching to use it. I was feeling sort of dissatisfied with the daily grind, and typically when that happens, I travel! So I set off.

My first few days were spent exploring the central area. I spent a whole day wandering around Bellavista (an “artsy” community with a lot of galleries, street art, shops, and cafes). I visited a couple of cathedrals, went to Central Market and ate some empanadas while listening to live music, and drank more than my fair share of wine at the local wineries.

One evening, I was sitting in a little bar, having a snack and drink and journaling a bit, when a lovely lady came over to me and asked to sit down. She was also a tourist – from New Zealand – and her friends had just returned home. She decided to stay behind. We had a really great time together, talking about this and that and she made some recommendations about what things I should do next. One thing that was on both of our Santiago to-do lists was taking a guided horseback tour in the Andes. We got to go together two days later!

We were met by a friendly English-speaking rancher who gave us a little verbal intro to what it’s like to ride horses in the Andes, and then we set off with our guides (actual Chilean cowboys) into the mountains. It was an incredible ride that lasted all day. We ate our sack lunches in the shade of a tree, mid-ride, and continued on. At the end of the ride, we returned to the ranch where our driver picked us up and took us back to the city.

Still waiting on my film. Photo on this post is courtesy of Equus Journeys.

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Always go for the empanadas.

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