Santorini, Greece for Cliff Diving at Kamari Beach

Santorini is an absolute dream destination. The aesthetic of the city is ridiculously pleasing to the eye, and the expansive, bright blue waters called me back to the beach about 100 times during my four day stay.

One of those times, I was hanging out on Kamari Beach with a few nomadic friends, when one of them – a relatively experienced cliff diver and someone presumably way more brave than I – asserted that we should all go jump from a nearby 35-foot rock. Apparently the area is great for jumping off of huge rocks because the water is deep. At first, I was not convinced. I didn’t come to Santorini to break my neck, thankyouverymuch. But I was eventually convinced to scale up the cliff and prepare for a jump. I watched about six people go, then approached the edge, then backed up and watched three more. With just two of us left – me, and my new friend Gina – the pressure was on. She just kept smiling and telling me that she wouldn’t go until I did. So…I did it. I thought my heart was going to fly out of the top of my head, and then I hit the water. Safe, safe water.

I was glad I did it, but one jump was quite enough!

Where I stayed / started

Kamari Beach Hotel

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