Savannah, GA for Savannah City Market

Art is important to Savannah-ites, you can tell. Not just because the city is home to the very prestigious SCAD; the creative DNA is obvious in the city itself. Especially, I found, in the City Market, which is nestled comfortably in the historic district. The buildings and layout of the city are a nostalgic reminder of Savannah’s colonial roots, and although most of the shops are geared toward the older crowd, I can’t say enough about the art galleries and center. There are several galleries strewn throughout the Market (be sure to check out Kobo), but the Art Center is like a gallery of galleries. You’ll find just about every medium of art here. If you’re lucky, you may even catch one of the artists at work!

PS: really good food and nightlife here, too. Bonus points: to-go cups for “grown up” drinks can be toted all around this district.

Insider Tip

Be sure to climb the stairs to the second floor – there are more galleries up there, and a sounding board that has a list of coming exhibitions!

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Savannah City Market

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