Scottsdale, AZ for Painting Masterpieces and Sipping Wine

Some friends and I wanted to plan a girls’ night out that would be a little more unique than just bar crawling or dancing or something, and we ran onto this place in Scottsdale called Art of Merlot. They hold classes and parties where guests are given a sketched template of a known work of art on a 16″ x 20″ canvas, all the painting tools you could possibly need, and WINE. (Well, wine glasses and corkscrews, anyway. You can BYOW or purchase at the studio. Bottles start around $10 or $11.) You use all the paints they provide to paint over the template and re-create the masterpiece. Not sure what could be more fun than art and wine, so we booked our slots at their soonest event. I’m not even much of a painter (only one of the girls in our group is), and I still had so much fun. The people leading the events are super knowledgable professionals in the art world and incredibly friendly. We’ll definitely be throwing this place into our rotation of possibilities for future girls’ night outs.

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Art of Merlot

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