Scottsdale, AZ, United States for Grayhawk Golf Club

Had to post the other course we visited while in Scottsdale. It was beautiful too. Pretty much every course you go to with a good reputation is going to have great a landscape and mountains all around. Every course in that area is fantastic. I managed to squeeze in a trip to Grayhawk Golf Club while I was there as well. A client hosted a tournament here and it was a big turn out. Open bar, great weather, and good business. I don’t know how I got so lucky to hit two great courses in one trip, but I’ve made it a point to vacation with some buddies to Scottsdale for the golf alone in the future. The fall weather there is amazing so I would probably plan it for that season. Grayhawk had some challenging holes. Maybe next time I won’t batch on most of them haha. I’ll train on the not so great courses in my area in the meantime.

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