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Sea Ranch Abalone Bay, The Sea Ranch, CA for Enjoyable weekend at our Vacation Rental

Getting ready for remodel 

We are in the process of updating our vacation rental at The Sea Ranch, Abalone Bay and can’t be any more excited. As popular our home has become it was a real treat to actually enjoy it ourselves! While we were there in November 2018 we met up with our architect, Obie Bowman to discuss his plans and to meet with our general contractor.

Mushroom hunting a great activity

After the meeting, we grabbed our baskets and went off mushroom hunting. We were fairly lucky.  

With any luck, we’ll begin construction in August. But until then our booking calendar remains open and we’ll be popping up a bit more frequently in between visits by our guests. 

When you do go ‘shroom picking go with an expert.  I can’t stress it enough: do not eat any wild fungi, flowers, plants, herbs, weeds, trees, leaves, bushes, etc. until you have verified with an expert that the wild fungi, flowers, plants, herbs, weeds, trees, leaves, bushes, etc. are really what you think they are.



Insider Tip

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is showcasing The Sea Ranch. Our Go-Local partner, Unbeaten Path Hiking Tours offers a walking tour of architecture, landscape and environment to complement that exhibit with a 10% discount to our guests when they book a tour while staying at Abalone Bay.

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Sea Ranch Abalone Bay

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