Seattle, WA for a Beautiful Autumn Jog Around Greenlake

Greenlake is an uber popular spot for individuals of all ages to run, bike, rollerskate, and paddle in the summer time. The rolling green spaces and shade-providing trees make for an excellent place to hang hammocks and relax the day away. But man, can it get *crowded*. If you want to avoid the hoards of Lululemon-clad young families, revisit the lake in the fall!

Nearly all the trees surrounding the lake are deciduous and turn brilliant colours before the winter comes and steals their leaves away. The lake is 2.8 miles around if you stay on the lower path. The upper path extends the trip to 3.1 miles. The lower path is made of smooth pavement, split into two sides: one for feet, and one for wheels. The upper path is relatively narrow and made of dusty gravel. Both provide an excellent track for your daily jog!

Insider Tip

Seattle has a wet reputation for a reason. It’s often rainy once September rolls around, and there are little potholes around Greenlake here and there. Best have a weather resistant windbreaker and waterproof shoes!

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