Seattle, WA for a Dance Party in Dimly Lit Train Cars

It was a warm summer night in Seattle. I was at a going away party for some friends at a house in Eastlake when one of them suggested we move the festivities to Sodo for some karaoke.

First thought: Sodo? Agh. So far away. So dark. So sketchy.
Second thought: Karaoke? I’m in.

We all piled into an Uber SUV and were on our way. The 20 minute drive seemed like a lifetime, given that the driver was maneuvering like a maniac and I was convinced we were going to die. On the plus side, he was super game to dance sitting down and sing at the top of his lungs to Flo Rida & Sage the Gemini’s IGDFR. If we hadn’t all been gripping our seat belts in terror, we probably would have been more apt to join him.

We arrived, and I was more than pleased to find that the karaoke spot was actually a bunch of old train cars, refurbished and strung together, dimly lit inside by only red lights. As it turned out, they rent out special rooms for karaoke, and that was a little pricey for our group. We made the most of it, though. We all huddled into one train car, bouncing from social encounter to social encounter, dancing to old Britney Spears and loving life.

The drinks were…less than good, not quite terrible. Very strong. The bartender was clearly not happy about her gallbladder surgery the next day, and she didn’t mind telling us about it. That was a little weird, but I chose to allow it to accentuate the whimsy of the experience.

Insider Tip

Orient Express is also a restaurant during the day. I’ve never been, but the menu looks great. I’ll be checking it out soon.

Where I stayed / started

Orient Express Restaurant & Lounge

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