Seattle, WA for a Picnic in a Hidden Gem of a Park

When living in the Pacific Northwest, I didn’t get over to West Seattle much. It’s not even that far, but it just felt like such a chore to get on the freeway for those few miles to the West Seattle Bridge. I know, I’m a baby. Anyway…on a recent visit I paid to a friend who still lives there, we did head over that way – just to find something we could do together that we hadn’t done before. We were thinking about getting some lunch, so we decided to look up a spot where we could picnic. We ran onto a park I’d never heard of – Camp Long. It was so great! We got our food at Trader Joe’s and ventured on over. The park is right behind the suburbia of West Seattle, and just blocks from busy roads, but we felt like we had escaped it all! We did venture around a bit, and found that the park is pretty expansive. There were lots of trails and climbing areas. Mostly, we just sat on the benches by the fire pit, admiring nature, enjoying our lunch, and chatting until the sun started to go down.

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There are cabins at Camp Long that you can rent over night, which would be a great staycation for locals!

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