Seattle, WA for a Romantic Dinner at San Fermo

My boyfriend and I – both the fiercely independent (read: commitment-phobic) type – just celebrated 11 months of being together. Almost one year. Three cheers! We’re typically completely content with take out and Netflix, and don’t do the let’s-make-reservations-and-have-a-nice-dinner thing very often, but this is almost a year, and we’re hoping to be jetting off to Italy around the time we hit 12 months, so we made a reservation at San Fermo, which is an adorable, warm Italian spot with a farmhouse motif in the Ballard neighbourhood. But I’m getting ahead of myself…

*Before* dinner, we decided to visit Conor Byrne – an Irish-style pub, which often houses live music (mostly of the folk/bluegrass/country variety). It also just so happens to be the place where we exchanged our first I-love-yous. Yeah, yeah, he’s turned me into a sentimental fool. It’s fine. I had a dirty vodka martini and he had a Moscow Mule, and we chatted until our reservation time at the restaurant.

We walked from the bar to San Fermo. It’s not a long walk, but it was pouring rain. (Which might sound romantic, but it was not. It was wet. And cold.) We were really happy to get to the restaurant. I was even more thrilled when I realized that this quite posh Seattle establishment was playing tunes by bands like The Strokes and The Kills. I’m all about juxtaposition.

We ordered a drink each and a baguette. My beau’s wine was delicious, and so was my cocktail, but the BREAD. It was so soft, but crusty, and the BUTTER – obviously very fresh, garnished with flaked salt. I ordered the Fettucine with fennel-tarragon pesto, cherry tomatoes, garlic, and pine nuts, of which I could have eaten three plates (and the plate was not small). The boy ordered their Spaghetti Bolognese, which featured pork, veal, fennel, rosemary, and parmigiano. He was equally content with his choice.

We had a fantastic evening being vomitously cute, blissfully in love, and happily stuffed with delicious Italian food.

Insider Tip

San Fermo is pretty new to the neighbourhood, and has become a Seattle favourite. They don’t begin taking dinner reservations until noon, and the restaurant is quite small. We went on a Tuesday. I called at 1:30 and the earliest reservation available was 7:30, which gives you an idea of how quickly they can book. : )

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