Seattle, WA for a Staycation at Hotel 1000

It’s not hard to find cool, centrally-located places to stay in Seattle, but Hotel 1000 really takes the cake. Super modern decor, a top notch spa and restaurant, friendly staff, and great accommodations. I took my little sister and her best friend to the hotel for a night on her 18th birthday. We arrived in the early evening, dropped our things, and wandered the city for a bit. We had a snack at Boka, then decided to turn in for the night.

That’s when we discovered maybe the coolest thing about the whole darn hotel (aside from the spa) – the bathtub. The water falls in a steady stream from a small hole in the ceiling. We were probably way more transfixed by it than we should have been. Three grown women, staring at a filling bathtub. Yeah, that’s not weird.

ANYWAY, once we finished that show, we all washed up, snuggled into enormous plush robes, ordered some chocolate covered strawberries and an on demand movie (during which I – crazy party animal that I am – fell asleep almost immediately), and enjoyed the rest of a very chill evening.

We took our time getting up the next day, checked out and grabbed coffee across the street at Storyville. I decided to spend the next year thinking of another mutually beneficial gift I could present to my sister for her 19th birthday. ….okay, not really. But I didn’t hate treating the *both* of us on her birthday. : )

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