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I visited Cederberg recently with my husband. It was a super chilly Monday, and we had both taken a three day weekend so that we could spend some time together and run some long-procrastinated errands. We were in the Queen Anne area and nearly walked past this great little tea house. The South African flags outside were the primary attention-grabbers for me. Once my interest was piqued, we figured we may as well get a little warm-me-up!

I was so, so happy with our decision. Once we saw how extensive the menu was, we decided to grab a table and stay awhile. Cederberg prepares Rooibos tea ‘espresso’ drinks by finely grinding Rooibos tea leaves and pulling them through an espresso machine. I had never seen such a thing. Seeing my face, which was probably embarrassingly twisted with wonder and confusion, the barista kindly explained that crafting Rooibos tea lattes that way is actually a long-standing South African tradition. Good on you, South Africa. My drink. was. amazing. I ordered the Red Latte, which is comprised of the Rooibos espresso, steamed milk, and topped with cinnamon and honey. My husband ordered a chai tea latte and we split an apricot jam and cheese sandwich. What an absolute treat!

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Fun side note: Cederberg hosts tea parties for all occasions. : )

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