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The first time I went to Chop Suey, it was for a friend of a friend’s birthday party. It was a 90’s dance party night, and it was…not great. The DJ was a little off, and the birthday girl’s friends were not my cup of tea. BUT, I don’t blame the venue. It’s actually pretty cool. So I gave it a second chance, and went to a friend’s band’s show several months later. It wasn’t bad. I just sat at the bar, solo, enjoyed the music and went home. Not a revolutionarily redeeming experience, but certainly better than the first.

The THIRD time, however, I had an absolute blast. My boyfriend and I had made a new friend – Dan – while enjoying one of the best happy hours in Seattle at another of our usual haunts (see my jrrny about their *morning* happy hour here: When we asked him what he’d be up to for the rest of the evening, Dan (who was from out of town) pointed at a section of a paper copy of The Stranger, which read: ‘December 23: Talcum Christmas Soul Dance.’ Um…okay. I can’t say no to that. So we all went.

We ordered a round of drinks, and zipped straight to the dance floor, which, as promised, was covered in talcum powder. The DJ played a flawless old soul mix, and we danced, a…lot. It was the first time I’d seen my beau really cut a rug, and let me tell you, I was not mad about it. We also wandered in to their photo booth at one point and got some pictures, and tied up the night with a Seattle dog (hot dog…er, veggie dog in my case…smothered in cream cheese and sauteed onions) from the hot dog stand outside (delicious, delicious Seattle dogs). So, so much fun.

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Talcum powder or not, Chop Suey is a really great place for musical experiences of all kinds – dance parties, karaoke, live shows – you name it, they do it. Drinks are alright so long as you’re a ‘no frills’ sort of customer. Oh, did I mention there’s an amazing Seattle dog stand that sets up shop every evening, right outside? I did? Oh, then it must be really important.

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