Seattle, WA for El Borracho (Ballard)

Arguably some of the simplest, best food and kindest, most engaging service I’ve experienced in any restaurant in Seattle. (And I go to restaurants, like…a lot.) With a fresh, diverse a la carte taco selection, huge list of vegetarian/vegan options, and the kind of burrito and enchilada descriptions that turn one’s mouth into Niagra Falls, El Borracho has shot itself to the top of my must-go list for newbies in Seattle. Or oldies. You get the idea. It’s just really good, okay?

Now, as if it could get any better, let’s talk about their happy hour. Tacos are already under $5 each, regular price. I get my standard papas y poblano tacos for $1.07 each during happy hour. ONE DOLLAR. They are smaller than the non-happy hour tacos, but I’m usually satisfied by about three and a margarita (or two).

Which reminds me – three words: El Cheapo Margarita. (Yes, that is its actual name.) $4, and not awful. I hate sweet drinks, and have a hard time drinking cheap tequila. (I’m not high maintenance. I just have…standards. Or something.) Despite their light price tag, these are very well balanced and perfectly tangy. My boyfriend and I usually double it up. $7. (Word to the wise: just go for the double. You know that one margarita will taste like another margarita, and if you just get the double to start, you save $1. It’s frugality, don’t you know.) It’s important to note that El Cheapos are always cheapo. That’s not a happy hour special.

I suppose I’m supposed to talk about a time that I went there, but the list of visits is too long and I don’t want to bore you. You have more important things to do. Like getting an El Borracho margarita or something.

I’m hungry.

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