Seattle, WA for Festive Indoor Snow Showers

I have family in Seattle, and I have a job that I can do from anywhere, so I make it a point to shoot across the states to visit them during the holidays. I went around Christmas time one year – a great escape from the bitter cold snow storms in NYC. I stayed from mid-December until after New Years. During my stay, my mom and I went into downtown Seattle to do some last minute Christmas shopping.

One of the main malls over there is called Pacific Place. It’s pretty standard – Lululemon, Guess, Victoria’s Secret, J. Crew, etc., etc. So we’re wandering around, thinking about where we might go to get a drink and take a break from throwing elbows with all the other shoppers, when wouldn’t you know it – it started snowing. IN THE BUILDING. Well, okay… “snowing.” Still. Such a cool and festive thing to just randomly have happen while you’re shopping. Apparently that’s a thing at this particular shopping center, every evening from late November until Christmas Eve. I may have gotten unreasonably excited. I am a child in a grown up’s body at Christmas time. : )

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