Seattle, WA for Fresh Pho at New Saigon

Tucked away right in the middle of the action in downtown Seattle, this little gem is one of my favourite restaurants in town. It’s so great, in fact, that I regularly drive down from the University District and pay downtown parking prices just to get lunch. It’s so worth it.

Not only is the pho delicious (robust broth, perfectly cooked noodles, LOADS of veggies), but the atmosphere is…endearingly weird. The entry is a typical street-facing storefront door, but once you descend the stairs into the restaurant, it’s like another world. Very clean, and always quiet. The red and white walls hold paintings that my mom might have had in the 90s, which mingle comically with symmetrically-placed neon beer signs and the just-above-quiet classical music humming in the background.

No-frills service, for sure. Not especially friendly, not rude – just efficient. I typically get my food within 15 minutes of ordering. They have an entire vegetarian menu, which is much appreciated by this veghead. I have, in all honesty, stuck to the veggie pho with fresh tofu every one of the dozen or more times I’ve been there, but I’ve also tried the fresh rolls as an appetizer (yum), and my boyfriend is obsessed with their vermicelli bowls.

Brb driving downtown real quick.

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New Saigon Restaurant

1529 6th Ave Seattle

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