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You guys are going to start thinking that I never leave Seattle and that I am always in bars. I promise it’s not true.

Okay, so I don’t leave Seattle all that often. I’m BUSY…OKAY? Stop judging me. The bars part is totally false. I go lots of places. Ahem.

One of the benefits of working from home is that as long as I get my mountains of work done, I can make my own schedule. I’m an early bird. I start losing steam around 3 or 4 in the afternoon, at the latest, so a work-from-home position that allows me to start working at 5:30 – 6 a.m. is splendid. Outside of making my own schedule, there is also the flexibility of office location. Enter…Lost Lake Cafe: Seattle’s golden child of 24-hour eateries. Although I avoid it like the plague in the evening on weekends, or in the morning on weekends – pretty much any time during the weekend, actually – I discovered their week day morning happy hour not too long ago and never turned back.

Standard order: a piece of sourdough toast and two over-medium eggs. It comes with bacon, but I give that to the carnivorous male to whom I’ve tied myself. $4 for everything. I’m not kidding. If I’m feeling particularly grumpy (hi, Monday), I’ll order a $5 Bloody Mary. Not sure there could be greater motivation to keep working than shuffling into the corner booth in a dark, woodsy lounge, eating breakfast and drinking a Bloody Mary at 7 a.m., hot dude by my side and all.

Insider Tip

If you insist on going on the weekend, be prepped for a long wait during brunch and after 9 p.m. Best times are in the late afternoon. 3 – 5, perhaps?

Where I stayed / started

Lost Lake Cafe & Lounge

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