Seattle, WA for Margaritas & a Chilly Beachside Walk

Seattle’s not really known for its beaches. Growing up, I remember spending summers dreading the uneven and uncomfortable pressure of sharp rocks under my tiny feet as I stepped ever-so-gingerly, just trying to get to the water. That said, there are two beaches worth your time in the Emerald City: Golden Gardens and Alki.

Yes, they’re popular and can get really busy in the summer time. But there’s a reason for that! They’re huge, and well maintained, and conveniently located. One great thing about Alki, which Golden Gardens lacks: there is an adorable string of boardwalk-style shops and restaurants that line the street, and stare straight out at the water. Not to mention the incredible view of the Seattle skyline!

When my boyfriend and I started dating, we decided to go on a beachside outing. I sincerely don’t know why, because it was February. And not unseasonably warm. (Irving Berlin’s “I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm” plays softly in the background.) Our first stop was El Chupacabra. (wild applause)

As you may have guessed, El Chup is a Mexican restaurant. As you may not have guessed, everything they make is delicious. Literally. Everything. Well okay, I can’t vouch for the meaty dishes, but I know lots of people who do!

We both had a margarita and we shared a basket of chips with guacamole. Then another basket, with more guacamole. Once we were sure that not one more bite would fit in our stomachs, we left the restaurant and took a short walk along the beach, before alighting on a nearby bench and watching the waves until we couldn’t ignore how cold we were.

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Eat celery all day and then order El Chup’s Mission Style Burrito. Yum. But seriously. Be very hungry first.

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