Seattle, WA for Mighty-O Donuts

Donuts. They can be the most magical food in the world. They can also be a chalky, cakey disaster that makes you wonder why you just spent 600 calories on that one bite. Mighty-O gets them just. right. Perfectly baked, free of headache-inducing chemicals, and creative as they come. (Without being weird. I’m looking at you, Voodoo Doughnut.)

They constantly rotate special flavours around their classic stand-bys. Classics include Good ol’ Glazed, Coockoo for Coconut, Devil’s Playground, and so, so many more. Specialty items include the Lemon Poppy and French Toast, and they introduce new flavours seasonally!

And get this: they’re all certified organic, and vegan. I know what you’re thinking. “Why did you make me read all of these lies about how good these donuts are?” “You must be one of those vegans that thinks Tofurky tastes like actual bird.” But I’m not lying. And I’m not vegan. They’re just that good.

Don’t believe me? Ask Food Network. Mighty-O was triumphant on the network’s ‘Donut Champions’ in 2015.

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