Seattle, WA for the Best Breakfast Tacos of Your Life at Ocho

Ocho – a Spanish tapas bar in Ballard – has long been a staple happy hour spot for my boyfriend and I. It took me awhile to discover how great the Ballard neighbourhood of Seattle really is, which is more than likely due to the fact that, until recently, I spent the majority of my time nocturnally social butterfly-ing in the Capitol Hill sector. I think Roger Murtaugh said it best: “I’m gettin’ too old for this…”
You know how the phrase goes.

I’ve abandoned all of those abominably late nights and unbearable day-laters for a timid-to-moderately rowdy Friday happy hour and 9:30 bedtime. I’m okay with that. But *sometimes* the happy hour gets the better of me, and the next day still comes a bit too soon. In this state, my stomach has the culinary range of a two year old. Macaroni and cheese is about the only thing it will accept without suspicion. Enter…Ocho and their indescribably good breakfast tacos. I went to Ocho on a Saturday morning, a bit groggy and made woozy by the smells that filled the place. (Which is a shame – usually the smell is one of the best things about Ocho.) The breakfast tacos immediately caught my eye.

I will admit, their deliciousness may have been highlighted by my fuzzy state, but OH. MY. GOD. My boyfriend is unfussy and ordered them as-is, with chorizo and a plethora of veggies. I ordered mine with a portobella and green chile mix to replace the meat. The SAUCE that Ocho uses to dress these little Spanish slices of heaven is perfect. Not to mention the adorable side of hash browns.

To summarize – hangover or not, breakfast or happy hour – Ocho nails good food and great drinks, every time.

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On a happy hour note (Mon – Fri: 4 – 6; Sat – Sun: noon – 6): a great deal for a small group – Ocho’s $35 Sangria carafe is stellar!

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