Seattle, WA for the Pop-In Shops at Nordstrom

I’m not a big Nordstrom gal. It can be a little corporate, a little big box, a little…basic. The truly unique is also truly expensive, and you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be 600 other girls in a 20 block radius who own the same dress you were so stoked to find. Sort of a buzzkill.

Enter…the Nordstrom Pop-In.

Are they still largely mass-produced items? I mean…yeah. (Although there are some small-batch, boutique-ish items in the curated shops.) BUT there *is* more exclusivity, as the Pop-Ins only grace 7 Nordstrom locations across the U.S. and Canada, and items are on a grab-them-while-you-can basis, if you want to purchase in-store. (More available online, if you really need one more reason to not put on pants.)

There are two unofficial breeds of Pop-In: curated and designer. The curated shops feature an oftentimes huge array of products congruent with the shop’s motif. Designer shops feature…you guessed it…products from a single designer; but even those tend to be filled out with little items from different brands, which, again…coordinate with the motif.

In addition to cool curations and top shelf designer features, Nordstrom goes all out with the shop itself. Because what else would they do with all of their money?

In all seriousness, it’s actually way cool. From the construction (it’s literally a small boutique within the store), to the bags, to cute freebies like stickers, everything coordinates flawlessly with the theme of the shop. I’m a fan.

Insider Tip

Pop-In themes rotate every three months or so, and the price tags vary heavily from concept to concept. If you have to be cost-conscious like me and happen to visit during a designer round, don’t totally discount (sorry I had to) Pop-Ins for the future. For example, the Alexander Wang Pop-In offered absolutely nothing I could afford. By contrast, they did an adorable one that looked like a grocery market which had a bunch of items I swooped up with ease.

Where I stayed / started

Nordstrom Pop-In, Downtown Seattle

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