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Tucked inconspicuously on the arguably quiet side of north Capitol Hill, Bait Shop is a gloriously unassuming, nautical/70s-themed ‘neighbourhood bar.’ It was owned by Seattle eatery/drinkery maven Linda Derschang until October 2016, when she sold it off to two long-time employees (and friends) of the Derschang Group. Despite the major shift in ownership, nothing at the shop has changed, and we’re pretty happy about it.

While it can get pretty busy during happy hour, I’ve never experienced a complete lack of seating – for one fanny, at least. Any more than two, and you might have to wait a beat to find a spot. Any time outside of happy hour, you’re basically guaranteed a seat for 1 – 4 people. In addition to their plentiful liquid cures-for-what-ails-you (including the popular ‘Zombie,’ which they legitimately limit to two per person…I’ll let you write about your jrrny on that one. I’m scared.), Bait Shop offers a moderately-sized menu of pretty traditional bar fare. Their fries are on the short list of my favourite in the city.

But enough about the stuff that makes them…you know…a bar.

They have a huge…(drum roll)…projection screen! (wild applause) I know, I know. Catch the Hawks every Sunday during their pre- and regular-season games. The shop even opens early for late morning and early afternoon games. Expect a good crowd. Also expect some excitement and yelling – although, maybe less than some of the local testosterone-charged sports bars. I still haven’t been there for a Super Bowl, but I’m betting it gets raucous.

More unusual – and perhaps more fitting for the neighbourhood – than football, Bait Shop airs RuPaul’s Drag Race whenever it’s in-season. Unfortunately, RPDR fans may need to wait until next spring for season 9, but you can bet Bait Shoppers will be there with bells on whenever Logo releases the new goods.


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Vegetarians, prepare for some limitations. Hint: order the fried chicken salad, sans chicken. Delicious.

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