Seattle, WA, United States for Best 2 Bars In America

Portland, United States
After an unfortunate surfing accident ended my career as an opera singer I decided to become an art director.

Being a proud native to the Pacific Northwest, it brought a grandiose grin across my face to see Esquire featuring two of my favorite bars in Seattle as the 2 of the 26 best bars in the States. Mainly because I find bars to be a home away from home for me where I get the chance to lighten my thought load while playing pool, listening to new music and interacting with a plethora of personalities. They are the legitimate human watering holes welcoming all with warm, boozy arms. As long as you are 21+ of course. So without further adieu, *here are the best two bars in America.

*This is more of a personal opinion. Informed, but still personal. Enjoy.

Blue Moon is the kind of bar that has both history and good times to be had for all. There is live music almost every night with free activities weekly.

Esquire: ““It’s all too rock ‘n’ roll for a hippie bar, too mellow for a punk one. It’s very Seattle.”

Canon is the the western hemisphere’s largest spirit collection at 3,500 labels and counting according to their website and I agree. I have even had Pappy Van Winkle here. That’s the whiskey that sells for nothing less than $100 a bottle.

Esquire: “The reigning craft-cocktail joint in the Pacific Northwest.” (I think they meant in the country but we will give the New Yorkers a break.)

So there you have it! Get to Seattle and try these places out!

Insider Tip

Order an old fashioned at Canon. Trust me.

Where I stayed / started

Courtyard View on Capitol Hill

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