Seoul, South Korea for D Museum in Hannam

Located between the culturally diverse area of Itaewon and the slightly more affluent Hannam, usually reserved for embassies and diplomats residencies, the D Museum is another valuable cultural space of the Korean capital. This week, when we visited, the museum was showcasing an exhibition about the London-based Heatherwick Studio that has come up with a number of creative solutions in the world of architecture and urban planning both in the UK and internationally. As we were going through the rooms, we were able to get acquainted with some of their work – from the smaller-scale spinning chairs and benches made through the techniques resembling squeezing toothpaste from the tub to the more monumental projects, such as the Olympic flame at the 2012 Games in London and the B of the Bang in Manchester. It was really interesting to hear about their efforts to marry aesthetics, practicality and sustainability. For any fans of architecture and urban planning, the D Museum is your spot.

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