Seoul, South Korea for The Most Decadent Korean BBQ

We stayed in Seoul for eight days. Our host was really nice and really tried to show us as much as possible in that week and take us everywhere we wanted to go. However, despite having asked him several times to go to a good Korean barbecue, he always had something else in mind and chose another type of restaurant instead.

Finally, on our last night in Seoul, he told us not to plan anything on our own for the evening, as he had a surprise in store. We met in front of our hotel and he took us out to a nearby restaurant (we still didn’t know what it was) and it was only when we were seated and noticed a huge central grill on our table that we realized we were finally in for some K-BBQ goodness. First thing on the menu was samgyeopsal (three layer pork) that we were to barbecue ourselves, first placing the entire chunk of meat on the girl, then cutting it up in strips as it was getting closer to being done. Needless to say, much like in any other Korean restaurants, we were also given loads of free side dishes, from pickled radish, garlic, chilies, perilla leaf and of course the inescapable kimchi! The entire meal was delicious and just as we thought we couldn’t possibly have another bite, we were given naengmyeon – cold noodles that Koreans like to eat post-main meal. Finding the little room I had left in my belly, I finished my refreshingly delicious bowl. Now we could properly toast with some soju and wrap up our amazing Seoul adventure.

Insider Tip

I can’t remember the exact name of the restaurant, but it was just next to city plaza.

Where I stayed / started

Koreana Hotel

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