Seoul, South Korea for Tranquility of Seoul Forest

Seoul is a huge city and the crowds can sometimes be overwhelming. Fortunately, urban oases can easily be found, and of them is the lovely Seoul Forest. Easily explored both on foot and with bicycles, this is the place you want to go to if you are looking for more than just walking around and picnicing, as there are plenty of things to do and see. The first one is the butterfly garden, an enclosed space which you can step into to witness hundreds of butterflies fluttering around. Great for nature photographers! The space next to the butterfly garden is dedicated to various plant, insect, fish and small animal species. As you navigate through the humid rooms overloaded with green, you might encounter some unpleasant, but nonetheless fascinating beetles and spiders, but also cuter things like hamsters and hedgehogs. Continue walking and after the botanical garden, you feel see a vending machine that dispenses deer food. That’s right, Seoul forest even has deer! But unlike those from Nara who are smaller in size and roam around as they please, these deer are a bit more aggressive so they remain fenced off. Still, you can feed them and pet them during certain times in the day. To end the day, take a stroll down to the Han River where you can get some amazing views – and remind yourself that you’re still in a city.

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