Serbia, Novi Beograd for Brutalist Architecture

If you’ve ever seen those pictures of buildings and monuments that look like they’ve been designed and built by aliens who simultaneously came from both the present and the past, then you’ve probably encountered examples of the intriguing brutalist architecture.

There are some good spots around the globe for this particular kind of architectural phenomenon – among them London and even some parts of Australia – but there is an area is Belgrade, Serbia called Novi Beograd (New Belgrade) that some time in the post-war era started from scratch only to build itself to be a true socialist/brutalist design utopia. The whole area is split into blocks (maybe not strange to Americans, but definitely an oddity in most European capitals) and each one features its own brand of blocky, weird, abstract architecture. From the Tetris-like appearance of Blok 45 to the immense presence of the Palace of Serbia, this style gives the entire area of New Belgrade a science fiction feel. Since words don’t really do it justice, I shall leave some pictures to properly demonstrate it.

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Novi Beograd

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