Serbia, Uvac for Riverboat Ride and Vulture Watching

Always up for a quick mountainous adventure, one weekend we decided to visit the Uvac River region, known for it crazy meanders and stunning nature in general. The package we opted for included a six-hour boat ride and an overnight stay in little cottages rented out by a local family.

Arriving sometime around noon, our boat ride started out with a little introduction from our guide, acquainting us with the history of the region. Sometimes we would stop to admire the breath-taking view, until we got out from the boat at one point to go on a little hiking trail. After walking for about an hour, we reached the highest point on the surrounding hill, where we could admire the beautiful meanders from up above. We also went into a so-called “Ice Cave” (name self-explanatory, it was freezing), where we could witness nature-made, abstract, marble-like shapes and constructions that almost made the place look like a cartoon villain’s headquarters. Our guide then proceeded to take us to a water spring where local (wild!) horses roam. At sunset, we were able to observe Griffon vultures – which are now under a legal protection from the state and represent the main attraction for nature-enthusiasts who come to this region.

Finally, in the evening we went back to our little wooden cottages, which in all their wooden glory definitely gave a bit off a Twin Peaks vibe. In complete dark and with zero outside noises, I was able to get a night’s sleep like I haven’t had in years.

Insider Tip

Pay a little extra and you can have your hosts prepare dinner for you – it’s only 10$ a person, but the food will probably be the most decadent treat ever.

Where I stayed / started

Luković Apartments

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