Shanghai, China for Tourism

Boston, United States
I am a student in Boston that enjoys traveling, primarily in the east. I study Mandarin, as well.

Shanghai is a megacity of unparalleled energy and brightness. It’s overwhelming at times and requires a decent knowledge of Chinese culture in order to enjoy– regardless of how much money you have for comfort.

>learn the language. Locals will treat you exponentially better even if you attempt speaking mandarin.

>understand that litter is almost nonexistent but people will spit and even blow mucus on the ground at times.

>become a night person. It may look grey and uniform during the day but at night it explodes with color.

>Cash is king. Expect to spend a lot less here for pretty much any goods or services.

Here are the best sights to see:
>Tianzifang. Located in the french concession, expect to see cute, mysterious alleyways, gardens, pastry shops and art galleries.

>Yu Garden. Big tourist trap but ridiculously beautiful at night nonetheless.

>Xintiandi. High end, polished shopping district that bustles at all times of day.

>Disneyland. Need I say more?

>The Bund. The largest tourist attraction, lined with very interesting historic buildings.

>Observatories. Each of the major observatories around the city (oriental pearl, Jin Mao, Shanghai tower) has something unique about them that make them worth it (SWFC observatory is skippable).

>Nanjing road. Fantastic sights, but subpar shopping. A must see on a rainy day.

>China Art Museum. Beautiful architecture, free, and interesting exhibits. Most other museums around town are somewhat skippable.

>Zhujiajiao ancient town is breathtaking, but if you don’t want to do the distance, Qibao ancient town is much closer and also special.

>People’s square and century park are georgeous, especially during spring and summer.

Skip-worthy attractions:

>SWFC observatory. Outdated and limited views.

>Shanghai science museum. Great architecture on the outside but boring and overpriced.

>Shanghai museum is dull. Power station of art is not completed yet.

Insider Tip

When purchasing an item without a pricetag, negotiate and claim you saw a similar item for much less somewhere else. Most merchants will immediately lower their asking price significantly.

Where I stayed / started

Amersino Hotel, Zhabei and Airbnb in Hongkou

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