Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India for Spending Summer Vacation

Shimla , Himachal Pradesh capital, is a beautiful place and one of the most popular place to visit, basically during summer time you will enjoy fully.
There are lots of places to visit , one of the most attractive part is the way towards Shimla from Kalka through train.
These mountains are not empty hillsides full of trees… quite a few houses and little towns were all along the way. Shimla was the “British summer capital” so the route between it and Delhi got (and still gets) a lot of traffic. But nothing was quite like that first glimpse of a what a city on a mountainside looks like.
Kalka-Shimla Mountain Railway: Take a ride through the mountains from Kalka to Shimla on a toy train. The 96 kilometre route is most famous for the scenic vistas that accompany you through the journey that takes you over 864 bridges and 102 tunnels, including the longest one is tunnel number 33 , Barog. And unforgettable one indeed!
The Mall Area of Shimla ,the best place in Shimla. You can spend hours there sitting and roaming around. Here you can do horse ride and some other activities too. Lots of shops there to fill your appetite with some sumptuous dishes.
Jakhoo hill is one place where you can visit , the Jhakoo Temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman stands. From atop, feast your eyes on splendid views of the Shivalik mountain range.
And hundreds of monkeys are there to greet you on the way towards the temple. Jhakoo Hill takes you on a trail through lush forest terrain at an altitude of 2,455 metres.

Insider Tip

While you will go to Shimla travel through Kalka-Shimla Mountain Railway it’s really amazing journey.

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Sunrise Villa, Shimla

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