Sigiriya, Central Province, Sri Lanka for A Really Massive Rock and Lion Paws

An ambitious Sri Lankan king called Kashyapa decided to built a massive rock fortress some time during the 7th century and now it’s probably the number one tourist sight in Sri Lanka, amazing all of the visitors with its immense (and slightly ominous) appearance.

The actual Sigiriya climb was around 1500 steps that took us to the top of this gargantuan rock. At the very last bit just before the top, we could stop and admire the giant paw carvings that were indicating the end was near. Once we reached the top, the view was stunning and we could admire the entire construction and the gorgeous frescoes without the pressure to keep going (once we got our breath back, that is). Going back down was a little less enthusiastic. Our guide warned us about some allegedly dangerous wasps that appear from time to time and give visitors a hard time, but we never encountered those, fortunately. What we did see on the way down were several cheeky monkeys who were very keen on taking bits and pieces of food that foreigners carried with them.

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Take lots of water. And sunscreen!

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