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The mountains turn a bit more gorgeous during the winter. As the snow bestows its goodness in the mountains, the rocky landscapes, valleys, and forests turn into a snow land. The princely state of Sikkim is known for its ice-capped mountains, Nathu La Pass and snow-covered lands that turn paradisical. While winter is considered off-season to travel to the slopes of Sikkim, this is the right time to make a visit here and enjoy the glory of nature.

Of course, the landslides and heavy rains during the Monsoons and winters leave the state without tourism. But this is also the time when the hill stations are raw and connectable. While travelers skip the off-season for their travel to Sikkim, here are some legit reasons to travel to Sikkim in Off-season!

1.       Luxury hotel bookings at steal deals

During the offseason as tourism takes a slow down the hotels and resorts are always running on empty rooms. This is the time when the prices of luxurious hotels and resort to going on heavy discounts.

As most parts of Sikkim remains under snow or heavy rainfall during the offseason, the resorts of places like Peiling, Gangtok, etc are perfect for a staycation. Instead of picking a random traveler hotel, the slashed prices of luxury hotels and resorts facilitate staying at luxury rooms and experience their services.


2.       Unplugged natural beauty

There is no better time than this to explore the natural beauty of Sikkim. With less footfall, the villages and roads of Sikkim stay clean and green. Due to heavy rainfall, the forests turn greener, darker and beautiful. The hill stations emit another side of their presence where the locals live near waterfalls.

During the winters, snowfall covers the mountains, forests, and valleys turning it into a paradise. With snow and winter clothes, a hill station is a splendid experience. During the off-season, you can visit far off villages and have a taste of local life and their local dishes.


3.       Winter carnivals and festivals

Although Winter is an offseason, it is also the time when the Christian festival of Christmas, New Year and several Hindu festivals are celebrated. During winters, the hill stations of Gangtok, Ravangla, Namchi, etc celebrate winter carnivals and festivals where the local people gather and hold fancy dress parades, musical shows and feasts to celebrate together.

Traveling to Sikkim during the off-season you can attend these stunning processions, festivals and carnivals to enjoy the splendid hill life.


4.       Adventurous activities

With the tourism on slow down, the adventurous activities in the hill stations get real. Instead of finding numerous rafting boats on your river rafting experience, you have the whole river to yourself. Be it paragliding, trekking, climbing a rock stone or taking the cable car – one can experience adventure in its truest rarest form.

People looking for time testing their an adrenaline rush, the off-season is a great time to enjoy all the adventurous activities in Sikkim.


5.       No crowd to disturb the holiday

Traveling to hill stations during summers is a ritual for most families in India. As a result, wherever you travel you find hordes of people and crowd all around. Visiting the tourist places like M G Marg, Tsomgo Lake, Nathu La Pass, or the Ravangla Temple, Namchi Dham, etc remain flooded with the crowd.

The essence of these places is the best experiences when they remain mostly empty and you can visit them freely. With no crowd around to disturb your holiday, Sikkim turns an exemplary experience.


6.       Peace and tranquillity

The villages and cities of Sikkim are warm-hearted and lead a peaceful life. As a result, most of the places you visit around breathes peace and tranquillity. This peace and serenity of the hill stations are disturbed during the season with crowds visiting the area.

The absence of the crowd gives one the perfect time, mood and space to witness the beauty of nature, and experience its peacefulness. The offseason is a great time to ditch the crowd and enjoy the raw nature of villages and towns of Sikkim.


7.       Budget holidays

During the offseason traveling to Sikkim becomes a more budget-friendly endeavor. Along with the flight and train tickets, the prices of hotel rooms, entry fees to certain places and public/private transport modes cost are reduced.

The cafes and local restaurants to reduce their prices to keep it budgeted for the local people. This is the time when you can make most of your money and explore Sikkim without burning a hole in your pocket.


8.       Rains and snow – the perfect aura!

People who have special love reserved for rainy days in the mountains or walking on snow-capped land – off-season is the ideal time to visit! Honeymooners and couples often visit Sikkim to experience a luxury holiday in resorts while it rains outside.

With greenery all around and cleaner mountains – it’s a mind-blowing experience visiting the drenched forests and lanes of the hill stations.


9.       Bargainable shopping!

Shopping gets expensive during the season. With more travelers traveling to Sikkim during the season, the locals put up stores with clothes, décor items, and mementos at higher prices. The shops at double to triple the prices to that it is during the offseason.

Sikkim Tour Packages with shopping experiences are often traveling packages during the offseason. It lets the travelers shop local items, handicrafts or clothes have a fun time shopping for cheap during the off-season.


10.   Fulfilling experience

Exploring Sikkim and its natural offerings are best done during the offseason. Visiting the flower valley, snow-capped landscapes, museums, and forests hold much more meaning when there is no crowd around. You can visit the local villages, stay with them, relish the local cuisine for a fulfilling and enjoyable holiday here.

Sikkim, the wonderland of monasteries, villages, mountains, and viewpoints is an unforgettable and exclusive experience during the offseason. Book the Sikkim Tour Packages to explore the true side of Sikkim, this is the time to visit the princely state!


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Visiting the flower valley, snow-capped landscapes, museums, and forests hold much more meaning when there is no crowd around. You can visit the local villages, stay with them, relish the local cuisine for a fulfilling and enjoyable holiday here.

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