Singapore for Bus journey from Ang Mo Kio Park to Tiger Sky Towers

Bishan – Ang Mo Kio Park

It is considered to be the largest park in the whole of Singapore with the most modern amenities. After the introduction of the ABC Programme of the Singaporean government an old canal has been DE-concretised and a natural waver spread across 3 kms with clean waters and wild flowers has been developed here. Apart from the manmade water waves that the park features there is ample of plush greenery in the park. It also features plains of rivers and pond gardens. This makes it a must visit amongst tourists. The locals living nearby also keep visiting here for recreational activities.


If you want to cut yourself off from air pollution and are looking for a detox, this is the place. This garden is just top notch and you will find some occasional fast food joints and hotels in and around the garden. Different events are organised at different times of the year and they ensure that you and your kids have a gala time here. Different species of animals for you to get close with is also a amazing experience for both young and old. Besides there are places for cycling, roller skating, jogging, skateboarding scooter riding and many more.


It is a perfect spot to travel to with your families for picnics. Even casual gatherings can be held here. Spread across 62 hectares of land a wide range of flora and fauna is found here. One can also jog along on the tracks that run across in a circular fashion around the park. In recent years the park has also won a tag for the most leisure friendly destination. Efforts are being made by the Government to have facilities like a futurustic foot ball field, an amphi theatre and a natural pond. The River plains also feature a modern play facility for children having different abilities. The park is completely wheel chair accessible and also has a accessible merry-go-round and a wheel chair swing. This allows children with special needs to play along with their non-disabled friends. What more could one want if you can indulge in all these activities in the midst of mother nature? A must visit destination!!


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Public Bus Nos. 50, 53, 55 and 58 are some of the buses that will take you to Dishan – Ang Mo Kio Park.


Tiger Sky Towers


Also known as the Carls Berg sky tower this sky tower is the highest observatory point in Singapore. Situated right in the middle of Sentosa island at the Imbiah zone. The tower stands at a height of 131 metres and can ferry around 72 people per hour. Each ride lasts for 7 minutes and is wheel chair accessible. The tower was open to the people in the year 2004 and is managed by C.Nelchers On the ground floor of this tower the visitors have to enter an airconditioned cabin that has transparent glass windows. The cabin slowly rotates around itself as it goes upward. The tower is so high that when the cabin reaches the top you can actually see the entire skyline of the magnificient city of Singapore. The view is completely pictursque and if you are lucky and the skies are clear you might even be able to see Indonesia’s skyline. Make sure to visit Tiger Sky tower when in Singapore.

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