Singapore for Chinatown a shopper’s paradise in Singapore

Shopping is definitely one of the most favourite activities amongst the locals and tourists who are visiting this magnificent place on a holiday. This tiny island nation is known to house more malls per square kilometre compared to any other country in the world which basically means that although the city might just be a dot on the world map but it is certainly one of the most richest and one of the best places to shop at. For those who love outdoor shopping and get irritated by the thought of shopping in giant indoor complexes will be quite pleased to know that some of the best places to shop here are in the form of outdoor street markets. Strategically located along stretches of bustling roads, the city has its fair share of quaint boutiques.


Chinatown, Singapore, a place where the modern combines with the old-world charm that the place still exudes. The futuristic tall buildings and the vintage shop houses, temples, markets, Chinese medicine houses, food and tea stalls, etc. exist side-by-side beautifully. And while it is a delight to the eyes, Chinatown is also a delight to shopaholics.  Here’s three reasons why every shopper hearts Chinatown.

Reaching Chinatown is a worry that will be slayed as soon as you check for the tickets to this place, well-connected through busways all across Singapore. 

Stand- alone boutiques selling some of the most precious and funky clothing and home furnishings are found in plenty here. The patchwork cushions found in Rose Citron French Design get a special mention.

Where do you find them: Ann Siang Road


For a book lover, there is no better sight than a bookstore lit by the lights of all the times it houses. Chinatown’s BooksActually bookstore not just lets you take your pick from the had-selected fiction, nonfiction and poetry pieces, but also lets you buy stationery and knick-knacks particularly adored by bookworms.

Where do you find it: Tiong Bahru Estate 


Street food at its finest can be found in the many alleyways of the city. Chinatown Complex, in particular, boasts of some of the most mind-boggling array of street food.

Where to find them 335 Smith Street


Buddha Relic Temple

The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is a remarkable four-story temple. When entering the gate, you’ll immediately notice the stunning main hall with its high ceiling. The bell tower and drum tower are on the same floor. However, the main focus for most visitors is the solid gold two-metre stupa on the fourth floor which is the place where the sacred relic is kept. 


Sri Mariamman Temple

The oldest shrine in Singapore – Sri Mariamman Temple is one of the most prominent places of worship for Tamil Hindus in the country. It was built to honour Goddess Mariamman – the deity of disease and protection. Originally erected by Naraina Pillai – an Indian trader from Penang – in 1827, the temple was modified to its present structure in 1862, although it has undergone several renovations since. 

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