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Reach National Orchid from Gardens by the bay by Bus


The Singapore botanic garden is centrally located amid the plush green landscapes. National orchid garden is known for its exotic orchid collections. Opened to the public in 1995, the beautiful orchids have always been in the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Consequently an orchid program was started by Henry Ridley who was the initial director of these gardens. In the further years, an orchid house was opened by the then directors H. Burkill & R.E. Holttum.


Spanning across 3 hectares of plush green landscape the greatest mountains of the Singapore Botanic Gardens, The Orchid Garden has some of the best tropical orchids on display. The Garden has about 1000 species of Orchids. The most daunting feature about this garden is the futuristic design concept that organizes the orchids based on a colour system to accommodate the 4 different seasons. For example the cream and the yellow orchids are a symbol of the spring with the red and pink orchids specifically for summer. A huge assortment of several white orchids are arranged for the winter display and along with it are the purple and red orchids that grace the season of autumn. Also travelling by bus will save you some money and time. Check out for quick ticket booking and awesome discounts!!


Gardens by the bay is a very colourful and modern park in the bay part of Singapore. The most revered structure here is the Supertree which has an extraordinary skywalk within the garden itself. There are plenty of greenhouses here which are quite oversized and are in the shape of a sea shell. These houses are famous for simulation the cold climates on the mountains. You will come across countless plants and trees making this place a must visit for both children as well as adults.


The top of Marina Bay Sands is the only place from where you can grasp the beauty of Gardens by the bay and come to know how huge the Garden actually is! Spread across 250 acres of land it is a modern man made marvel.


You can reach Garden by the way using the walkway of the hotel which will give you a picturesque view of the plush green landscape OR alternatively you can also use the promenade which is by the side of the river to enter the park. Taking a stroll in the park is completely free but if you want to experience the conservatories here that are climate controlled or if you also owlish to take a pleasant walk amidst the super trees you may have to shell out some money.


Situated in central Singapore, reaching the National Orchid from Gardens by the bay is quite hassle free!! It is just at a 5 minute distance from Orchard road which is the most known shopping street in Singapore. The most convenient way of reaching is by bus. You can hop onto any of the following buses:

  • SBS Transit 7, 105, 123, 174,174e

  • SMRT 75, 77, 106, NR8

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Reach National Orchid from Gardens by the bay by Bus


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