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Top Restaurants in Singapore

Picking some of the best restaurants in Singapore is not just an effort undertaken by most of us, hereis a listto let you know about some of Singapore’s best.

Every Singapore hires some of the best global chefs from internationally popular restaurants further strengthening one of the best hobbies of the people in Singapore, yes, eating! Food is one thing that bonds people from different ethnicities here in Singapore.

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In the restaurants mentioned below, they help to relish your food and have an experience of a lifetime during your stay in Singapore.

Restaurant Andre
Restaurant André has been publicized as the No.1 edifice in Singapore since its initial opening in 2010. Few eating experiences in Singapore catch the imagination quite like edifice André.
Taiwanese-born cook André Chiang has one key principle: every of the eight dishes on his changing menu correlates to a group of eight components. In stark distinction to the mindboggling menu, the inside here is unbroken comparatively non-descript, and with house for less than thirty diners it’s positively intimate. Restaurant Andre is a location that is quite unforgettable.

Jaan Restaurant
The Jaan Restaurant has been at the forefront of Singapore’s fine eating scene since its initial opening on the seventieth floor of Swissotel in the Stamford building. Boasting of bird’s-eye views of the Singapore skyline, Jaan’s wow-factor starts before you’ve even taken your initial bite. And once you do, you’ll be even as affected.

It’s no surprise that this intimate 40-seat venue has been a permanent fixture on critically-acclaimed lists of ‘best restaurants in Asia’. There is an artistic French-inspired menu delighting even the foremost discerning of food critics.

Jaan’s 5 or seven-course set menu brings the best seasonal ingredients to centrestage to boost up delicacies likeoysters, Norwegian lobster, caviar, pate de foiegras and columbiform bird.
The venue itself is kind of a grand affair too, that includes large floor-to-ceiling windows looking over Singapore. Therefore, the overall classic décor and soft lighting is met by an additional modern edge as shortly as you huntbecause the shiny silver installation on the ceiling.

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