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It is quite unimaginable to not associate Singapore with food. Blessed with a variety of cuisines, Singapore has something to suit every foodie’s palate. Topping the list, though, is undoubtedly its seafood.

The succulent crabmeat, the crunchiness of a shrimp, fine textures of a fish—this is just an overview of what Singapore’s seafood has in store for you. Albeit you should be able to find decent seafood all around the Island-State, we urge you to dedicate some of your time in discovering these delightful joints.

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The Naked Fin: This intriguing restaurant is hidden at the back of Gillman Barracks, a hard to reach spot in its own right. If you do happen to get a taxi up there, make sure you get them to take you all the way to the restaurant, otherwise the walk from the front gate will leave you a little sweaty

Penang Seafood: Penang Seafood was where I tried one of my first Fish Head Curries in Singapore. Memorable for the spiciness for sure but also the succulent flesh of the fish. Penang Seafood also gets my vote in this list because they (obviously) specialise in seafood. So here, you can also order various other local seafood specialties like Assam Steamed Red Grouper, Chilli Crab and Cuttlefish. I suggest that if you do not like things too spicy you mention that when you order.

Jumbo Seafood: One of the most reputed seafood restaurants in East Coast Seafood Centre and through all of Singapore, the must tries here including the Salted egg yolk prawns and Crispy baby squids. Try this once and I am sure you will ask for more.

Long Beach Seafood Restaurant: Based in Kallang Park, local produce is given its due justice here. You cannot not try the Canadian Dungeness crab delicacies—the name itself is highly appealing!

Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant: The breath-taking views that this eating outlet is based in One Fullerton offers complement the signature dish of this place perfectly, the Chilli crab.

Sabio by the Sea : This Spanish sea food restaurant has a menu that is sure to leave you licking your fingers. The food here is best enjoyed with sea breeze blowing through your face. So if you are in for some Mediterranean delight make sure that this restaurant is on your visit list. I was quite pleased for having visited this restaurant as this was an awesome Spanish experience for me and was quite amazed by the grilled meats and sea food. I personally loved the Paella de Pescado which had lovely flavoured curry rice. The other best part of this place is that they allow pets. The next time I visit this place I am sure to bring in my sweet little Katy my cat. The ambience is also very pleasing. It gives you the feel of a relaxed atmosphere by the dock. 

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