Singapore to Kota Bahru for A Bus Journey

Singapore to Kota Bahru – A Bus Journey

There are plenty of activities you can do in Singapore. Nature lovers can visit the night safari where you get a chance to travel on a tram around the beautiful park. You can catch a glimpse of various animals roaming freely in their natural habitats. If you are a bird lover make sure to visit the Jurong Bird Park.

Kota Bahru is the capital city of the state of Kelantan in Malaysia. The city is strategically located on the North eastern side of the peninsular which is quite close to the Thai Border. The city has been known as the islamic city as major residences here are of the Islamic community. The place is home to some of the most beautiful mosques, state of the art museums and magnificient buildings with one of a kind architecture as well as quite a few royal structures. On your trip to Kota Bahru make sure to try out the signature dishes such as Nasi Dagang, Nasi Kerabu, Lompat Tikam, Budu and Etok. The distance between Singapore and Kota Bahru is just 740 kms and can be easily covered during the night when there is absolutely no traffic.

One of the most popular bus rides in town is taking a bus from Singapore to Kota Bahru. Not only is the journey convenient but is also quite cheap to travel by Bus. You dont have to stand in queue and you can get to your destination much faster. Also do not forget that if you are planning to go by air you may have to reach the airport atleast two hours early. A bus journey does not have any such hassles and you can reach your pick up point just 10 minutes before the bus departs. Not only is the price quite reasonable, most of the buses are Express Buses with fewer stops. The taxes levied on a Bus journey are quite less compared to the ones levied on airlines. One of the most major operators plying on this route are Trans Nasional Express Buses which have been in the industry for quite a long time.

A bus journey from Singapore to Kota Bahru will take somewhere around 10 to 11 hours depending on the prevailing traffic conditions. The Operator will drop you off at Jerteh, Stesyen Das Kota Bahru, Jalan Pendek and Kuala Besut jetty terminal. The Trans Nasional Operator took a stop at regular intervals of 2 hours for some refreshment and wash room breaks so that we could grab some snacks for the journey. Make sure to book your bus tickets from this online bus booking website redbus. It saved me the trouble of visiting the operators office for selecting my choice of seats as well as my time. Trans Nasional Express has its pick up point from Lavendar Street Junction which is just opposite Kallang Bahru. There is only one bus throughout the day which departs sharp at 7:30 pm. The ticket costs RM102 per head.

Where I stayed / started

Kota Bahru

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