Sluys Bakery in Poulsbo, Washington for To eat donuts!

Whenever we have out of town guests, I always take them to Sluys Bakery in downtown Poulsbo, Washington. As you get closer to the bakery you can smell the good smells – donuts, fresh baked breads, cookies. The smells give you an at-home feel reminding you of when you were a kid and your mom was baking cookies and desserts. You walk inside and you meet a crowd of people, all trying to see in the various cases filled high with cookies, donuts, pastries of all types, pies, and cakes. Its a riotous site for the eyes! Freshly baked bread is on racks on one side, along with packages of cookies. You wait patiently for your turn, all the while scanning the cases. What to have, what to have? The smells are so enticing. You want to try everything.

My choice invariably goes to the very large Viking donut. A soft donut ring about five inches across with a nice thick layer of chocolate on top. It fills the bag it is so big. One is enough. You could never get through two of these. You pay for your Viking donut and you head across the street to Hot Shots Java, donut safely in its wax bag. You see, Hot Shots doesn’t mind if you bring your Sluys donut in to their coffeehouse to enjoy if you get a drink from them. Get yourself a coffee or a mug of chamomile (or other) tea, have a seat at one of the many tables located inside or grab a cozy chair or one of the sofas in back and settle in to enjoy your donut. If the weather is nice, head out to the waterfront area where you can hang out on a bench, eat your donut, drink your coffee, people watch, bird watch, enjoy the boats in the harbor, and just be at peace.

Insider Tip

Go early to avoid the crowds. But any time is a good time to go to Sluys.

Where I stayed / started

Sluys Bakery, 18924 Front St NE, Poulsbo, Washington/Hot Shots Java, 18881 Front St. Suite B, Poulsbo, Washington and

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